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Community Boundaries



Park Kyung-seop, Kim Hyung-ju, Choi JungGie, Kim Hyeon, Han Bo-heui, Jung Gyeong-un,, Han Seon, Park Hae-gwang, Lee So-young


Chonnam National University Press

Publication Date

02. 22, 2016.

『Boundary of Community』 confirms that the 5.18 study and community discussion are not irrelevant by examining not only the theoretical basis for rethinking the community, but also the community of May in Gwangju, which constitutes a turning point in the discussion of community in Korean society. The community that emerged during the May Uprising in Gwangju cannot be reduced to an abstract spirit of community, and must be connected with activities and experiments that seek new forms of life. The community-related practices reviewed in 『Boundaries of Community』 are not revitalizing the existing community, but are aiming for a new life through sharing and sharing by the actors with unique characteristics. The community this book talks about stands on the borderline between banality and unfamiliarity, nostalgia for the past and a constructive future. I hope 『Boundary of Community』 is still skeptical about the community and becomes a companion to beings and activities that are bound to be a community even though they do not know it well.

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