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Who We Are

We inherits the spirit of the May 18 Democratization Movement.

On December 10, 1996, the May 18 Institute CNU was established for academic research on the May 18 Democratization Movement as well as the purpose to uphold and inherit the spirit and meaning of the movement. The institute has been conducting various research on democracy, human rights, and peace in Korea and Asia, cooperating with domestic and foreign civil societies that have striven to realize the values of human rights and peace.

Academic Initiatives

Since the establishment of the institute, the May 18 Institute CNU has held regular academic conferences every May to expand the horizon of the research on the May 18 Democratization Movement and the general condition of democracy and human rights. Many domestic and foreign researchers have shared their ideas through those academic conferences.

5·18 학술대회 개최

Democracy and Human Rights

The Institute also has been publishing its academic journal, Democracy and Human Rights under the sponsorship of the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). Democracy and Human Rights is the only academic journal that continuously and intensively deals with research achievements of the May 18 Democratization Movement, a watershed event in the history of democracy in Korea. Democracy and Human Rights also has contributed to various other fields of studies by diversifying and systematizing research topics with the implication of the May 18 Democratization Movement in addition to research on the event focused on historical importance.
In addition to Democracy and Human Rights, the institute further develops related research achievements into various themes and topics to publish academic achievements such as a scholarly series, research reports, and textbooks.

「 민주주의와 인권  」 발간

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of NGOs

The May 18 Research Institute CNU also provides the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of NGOs. This program was established in 2002 and is currently operating master’s and doctorate programs. This program provides opportunities for academic training to civil society activists, enhancing expertise, and forming regional and international civic networks.

NGO 협동과정

Global NGO Masters' Program

Since 2016, the May 18 Research Institute has opened the Global NGO Masters' Program (referred to as GNMP) to share the experiences and achievements of the May 18 Democratization Movement with young NGO activists from overseas. The GNMP is a master's degree program to train NGO activists in Asia and Africa, exploring theories related to democracy, human rights, and peace, and exploring the applicability of civil society movement theory to the different environments. Through such programs, the May 18 Institute CNU is building a foundation for sharing, exchanging, and cooperating with civil societies around the world by sharing experiences and practices.


May 18th Memorial Hall

The Institution also operates May 18th Memorial Hall on the CNU campus. Located on the first floor of Yongbong Hall, the Memorial Hall has provided a place for education on the value and meaning of democracy Since its opening in 2005.
In the future, the May 18 Institute CNU will continue to promote the spirit of May 18 and strengthen academic leadership in the theory and practice of democracy, human rights, and peace. Our range of research and practice is not limited to Korea, extending to developing collaboration among all those who are committed to the theory and practice of democracy, human rights, and peace, in Asia and throughout the world.

전남대학교 5·18 기념관