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Resistance and Reproduction



Son Hochul, Min Byeongro, Choi JungGie, Kim Hyung-ju, Jung Moonyeong, PARK Kyung-seop, Kim Hyungjung, Lim Seonhwa, Lee Gayeong, Kim Namjin


Chonnam National University Press, the May 18 institute

Publication Date

10. 07, 2019.

It is hoped that the spirit of the Gwangju community in May of that year will be realized in reality in the daily life of citizens by publishing the academic research results of the May 18 Uprising as a general book. The deepening and expansion of the 5·18 study will help the guilty to enter the path of purification and turn to the path of truth, free from distortion and slander. Furthermore, I believe that it will contribute to reaffirming the status of the 5.18 Uprising as a resistance movement against state violence, and to spread and reproduce its present and future values beyond ideology and into daily life, across regions and across the country, beyond Asia and into the world. . From the perspective of justice in the transition period, there should be no hesitation in not only reflecting on past mistakes and liquidating them, but also changing the current system and structure in a future-oriented way. We need to see the truth of 5·18 right away, empathize with it, and put it into practice in real life.

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