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Journal of Democracy and Human Rights


Democracy and Human Rights

민주주의와 인권

The academic journal of May 18 Institute CNU, Democracy and Human Rights is a multidisciplinary journal covering relevant topics related to May 18, democracy, human rights, peace, and unification of Korea to contribute to the democratization of the country as well as invigorating progressive discourses. We publish the Journal four times a year. It was selected as a registered journal by the National Research Foundation of Korea in 2010.

We welcome research papers that deal with themes concerning democracy, human rights, civil rights in communities specifically in the Asian countries, and other relevant topics. We are also seeking an interdisciplinary approach in the area of social sciences and humanities including political science, sociology, anthropology, communication and journalism, history, philosophy, literature, art, culture, etc.

Editorial Committee

Chairman of Editorial Committee
PARK, Ku Yong (Department of Philosophy, CNU)
A member of
the committee
- KANG, Han (The May 18 Institute CNU)
- KIM, Min Gyo (Department of Korean Language and Literature, Chosun Univ.)
- KIM, Chan Gon (Department of General Education for Human Creativity, Hoseo Univ.)
- KIM, Hee Song (Humanities Institute, CNU)
- YEUM, Mi Gyeung (Social Studies Education of Jeju National Univ.) 
- LEE, Jung Chul (Political Science of Seoul National Univ.)
- CHU, Choeng Lip (Demos Archives of Sungkonghoe Univ.)
- JOE, Jin Tae (The May 18 Memorial Foundation)
- HAN, Eun Jeong (Department of Communication, Salisbury Univ.)
- HEO, Wan Jung (Law School, CNU)
- George Katsiaficas