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5·18 and After : Occurrence, Response, Extension



Choi JungGie, Sato Yukie, Park Kyung-seop, Kim Hayana, Lee Misuk, Kim Hosu, Kim Hyung-ju, Seo Youngpyo


Chonnam National University Press

Publication Date

12. 31, 2020.

The studies published in this book show that May 18 was not just a 10-day protest, but extended in time before and after the uprising, and was not limited to Gwangju and Jeonnam in space. In particular, the practice of the Chonnam National University student movement before May 18 is directly related to the uprising, and the response patterns of neighboring countries including the United States show the spatial and temporal influence of the May 18 incident well. What sets it apart from previous studies is that new themes such as daily life in a special event of uprising, citizens' senses and emotions, the politics of mourning, and sympathetic solidarity are presented and explored. 『May 18 and After』 shows that May 18 still remains an important question for us and is a source of academic imagination to respond to social pain and crises.